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This is The Bahamas after all, and our tropical climate is perfectly-suited to the business of quenching thirst. But there is quenching thirst and there is quenching thirst in style - as Ernest Hemmingway would surely attest to. So it comes as no surprise that this authoritative figure on how to live life well should be a key inspiration in Nassau’s hippest new hedonistic hideaway. Welcome to another episode of #SavourCacique in which we waltz first-through-the door to Bon Vivants — a place where the promise of “living well” is completely attainable.

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Savour Cacique | Partridge in a Pear Tree

There is a warmth that tumbles out of winter time; when all else is cold. It radiates from those lucky enough to find themselves supping on a uniquely-festive Partridge in a Pear Tree - a “fireside thirst-quencher” designed by our go-to cocktail craftsman Kyle Jones, of Young’s Fine Wine. In this episode of #SavourCacique, our merry concoction sparks something deep inside, reminding us islanders that the season carousel has spun full circle once again, fusing notes of all things wintery, to ensure that Christmas is not forgotten…even in the land of eternal summer!

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Savour Cacique | Ever The Optimist

As Noel Coward famously said, "It's never too early for a cocktail." Especially when it's made with locally-roasted coffee beans. Get ready for the perfect pick me up... Because In this episode of Savour Cacique, we're teaming up with Steven Kemp from Island Nation Roasting and Kyle Jones, our regular mover and shaker from Young's Fine Wine to create "Ever The Optimist" - a re-imagined Espresso Martini. Why "Ever The Optimist"? Try one and then try not to think about good 'tings'! Simply impossible. 

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