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Discover Cacique | Balcony House

Located in the heart of historic downtown Nassau sits “Balcony House,” constructed in the 1770’s by loyalist settlers. Having fallen through a number of well-to-do families, the home has seen a party or two in its time. As trends have come and gone, this architectural treasure has withstood the tides of time, retaining the same shade of pastel pink that is etched into the memories of many. In this episode of Discover Cacique, we delve into this charming Market Street perch, which has now been converted into a delightful museum. Welcome, you can leave your Panama hat at the door…

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Savour Cacique | SUN & ICE

As The Bahamas premier DMC, we are always on the look out for the freshest talent, and you don't get much fresher than ice-cream visionary Chef Wayne Mocur of Sun & Ice - a trailblazing Bahamian ice-cream company specializing in true-true Bahamian flavours. Inspired by a colorful island culture and seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, each flavour has a tale to tell. 

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