I drink to make other people more interesting.
— Ernest Hemmingway

Once the novelty of swimming pigs recedes, life resumes and watering holes regain their crowning position in our permanently parched state of being.

This is The Bahamas after all, and our tropical climate is perfectly-suited to the business of quenching thirst. But there is quenching thirst and there is quenching thirst in style - as Ernest Hemmingway would surely attest to. So it comes as no surprise that this authoritative figure on how to live life well should be a key inspiration in Nassau’s hippest new hedonistic hideaway. Welcome to another episode of #SavourCacique in which we waltz first-through-the door to Bon Vivants — a place where the promise of “living well” is completely attainable.


Talking about dreams coming to life, with Kyle Jones.



A true shimmy back in time, Bon Vivants’s speakeasy, palm-fringed vibe is unconsciously digested upon arrival. This jewel-box, drenched in Bahamian history, is studded with antiquities that Kyle has spent years collecting. Wafts of botanics make their rounds whether you sit at the tiger-wood gleaming bar or settle into a velvet nook or the centerpiece tables. The brainchild of cocktail craftsman Kyle Jones of Young Fine Wines, Bon Vivants was a longterm dream, designed says Kyle “to make you feel as though you were stepping back in time, into an age where all the Bahamian appendages would be right as they are.”

There is no knowledge so hard to acquire as the knowledge of how to live this life well and naturally.

The craft cocktail revolution is here evidently and Kyle is chief in command. The ethos driving Bon Vivants was derived from providing an unbeatable product with top quality service - to ensure “living well” was fully embraced. Kyle feels that Bon Vivants sets out to fill a gap in the Bahamian cocktail scene, shifting local gears as the frontrunner of crafted cocktail culture. A culture that speaks to drinks in an artistic form, a methodical, scientific combination of ingredients presented immaculately in an array of eclectic stemware.


This bar takes “well-stocked” to an entirely new realm, they are equipped with liquors, bitters and cordials from every corner of the world. Bolstered by the much-touted, Young’s Fine Wine, Kyle’s team of barmen can craft you anything from a mango-infused pisco to an indulgent glass of wine from the adventurous vineyards of Argentina. “This bar is equipped with things that you will struggle to find in big cities. Our ingredients come from near and far and when we find something we like we do a great deal of experimenting behind the bar in order to perfect the recipe before the drink makes its debut on the menu.”

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Another completely overlooked aspect of cocktail culture is the choice of glassware - the vessel elevates the experience. Antiquarian, Kyle, has collected an enormous array of glasses that he’s sure will enrich the experience. “First, you drink with your eyes. It is all about presentation.” There is an entire section on the menu devoted to tikis, who have recently resurfaced with a force, and Kyle has ensured that Bon Vivants has the correct glassware to serve up traditional tiki-style drinks!



The cocktail program goes well beyond inventive artisanal blends of imported distilled liquors, brews and wines it also includes specialty coffee by Island Nation Roasting Company, a local coffee partner, and a well-curated light fare menu that matches in éclat, the drink menu. As such, Bon Vivants is ideal for just about every occasion - a morning macchiato, a leisurely lunch escape, a lively cocktail hour or a post-dinner nightcap, or all of the above if you are channeling your inner Hemmingway.

Without coffee, something’s missing.
— Al Pacino

Long have we bid the pirating rum and coke days farewell, we have acquired the taste for top shelf delicacies crowned with edible flowers and organic sprigs. Bon Vivants' doors are about to open to unveil a smashing venue for sipping on a spirit-centric potations in a venue that makes you feel like you are a part of The Bahamas’ colourful history. With a “proper” cocktail spot now on the scene, you can finally relax, sit back, and raise your heirloom glass to “living life to the fullest.”


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