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The Resto Manifesto | Island Brothers & Cie

We’ve canvassed our epicurean inner circle and devised a guide that will become your “last meal” lifeline to eating your way around this soulful archipelago. The first stop is one for haute cuisine like no other, the ever elegant, ‘Island Brother’s & Cie’. A new fine dining temple executed by Luke Ducasse celebrates the French Bistro under the precise hands of Chef Exécutif, Thomas Deoux. With Parisian beginnings under a distinguished chef who doubled as a father, Island Brothers was carved with fond memories of the beloved cobblestoned city paired with the first-of-its-kind top-tier gourmet in Nassau. The menu ambitiously coaxes refined French flavors whilst peppering dishes with island-fresh sensations. With one of the best atmospheres around, Island Brother's has always got crisp, vibrant salads, exceptional meats and well-prepared plats du jour on offer.

Well, when in France… Bon Appétit !

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