The Resto Manifesto | Island Brothers & Cie

One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well if one has not dined well.
— Virginia Woolf

Welcome to Cacique’s Resto Manifesto, a well-seasoned, impassioned guide to The Bahamas’ rapidly evolving culinary scene. There’s no shortage of food-focused, travel Instagram feeds that will direct you to the tastiest, most photo-ready oyster shucked, rooftop venue in cities like Paris, London or New York. But when you’re faced with the make-or-break dilemma of where to wine and dine in The Bahamas - a destination less travelled by trustworthy critics - the recommendations become all the more vital.

We’ve canvassed our epicurean inner circle and devised a guide that will become your “last meal” lifeline to eating your way around this soulful archipelago. The first stop is one for haute cuisine like no other, the ever elegant, ‘Island Brothers & Cie’. A new fine dining temple executed by Luke Ducasse celebrates the French Bistro under the precise hands of Chef Exécutif, Thomas Deoux. With Parisian beginnings under a distinguished chef who doubled as a father, Island Brothers was carved with fond memories of the beloved cobblestoned city paired with the first-of-its-kind top-tier gourmet in Nassau. The menu ambitiously coaxes refined French flavors whilst peppering dishes with island-fresh sensations. With one of the best atmospheres around, Island Brothers has always got crisp, vibrant salads, exceptional meats and well-prepared plats du jour on offer. This new wave of french cooking, neo-bistro, has barely left the inner arrondissements of Paris only to have arrived on our dazzling shores in full spirited glory.

Well, when in France… Bon Appétit !

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Mettre du piment dans sa vie

On-island ‘bistronomy’ pioneer, Luke, has meticulously collected furniture and décor exclusively from Paris to create the perfect merging of island chic with fantastic French fare. The wall leading to the treasure-trove of a kitchen is lined with keep-sake French Michelin-star menu’s that Luke’s father was very much a part of. These distinct, flavored menus have marinated and were reborn under the Bahamian sun with the “island brothers” at the helm. Designed to appeal to those with a refined appetite', Island Brothers is multigenerational, international and a steady favorite to neighboring patrons despite the competition. With it’s understated, easy island style, top shelf European wait service and rotating weekly menu, it’s suitable for anything from a quick business coffee to a leisurely lunch that morphs into a daring nightcap.

Having hooked Nassau’s most insistent gastronomes, Luke’s foraged a new fare and intends to deliver with a bang. The art of the barbecue has been fiercely disputed and we can all agree that it’s just not as simple as adding meat to fire. I can absolutely assure you that Island Brother’s will be nothin’ shy of smokin’.

Food Glorious Food

Island Brothers prides themselves on their impressive in-house butchery, gathering goods from the esteemed, Metzger & Co. Whether you’re in the mood for Côte de Boeuf from seaside, highland village of Aberdeen or perhaps a local Hog Fish fillet from a nearby shoal, Chef Thomas is brimming with inventive ideas inspired by his eclectic array of international ingredients. Perhaps a lighter fare is what you’re after? A favorite and hallmark on the menu, the poke bowl, always colourful and singing with freshness that never disappoints. The charmed, island setting offers a wonderful taste of Paris’ soul without ever taking flight.

Their appropriately priced, rotating menu of market-driven dishes is quite possibly the island’s foodie front-runner, leading the long anticipated dining charge. Think unmatched, quality updates on comforting classics. The presentation may seem familiar, but the execution has been entirely reimagined. Aside, from the undeniable ‘ambiance’ the European waiting style definitely gives Island Brother’s their edge. They can comfortably host fifty guests with a team of four. This intentional strategy creates a sense of proximity between clients and staff building both an understanding and an appreciation for quality on offer.


For us at Cacique, we believe in pushing boundaries - be it food, art, music or alternate spaces. That is why we are always on the look-out for new, breathtaking venues to make experiences and tastebuds come alive. For enquiries about Island Brothers or culinary experiences or events with Cacique International, please feel free to contact us.

Bon Appétit ;SMS