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THE RESTO MANIFESTO | Da Vine, Harbour Island

We’ve canvassed our epicurean inner circle and devised a guide that will become your “last meal” lifeline to eating your way around this soulful archipelago. Today we find ourselves perusing the frilled shores of Harbour Island. With an appetite for flamboyant dishes we wound up at Da Vine, a wine bar gone innovative Japanese extraordinaire with an island ethos that keeps them coming! Sushi is a major food group nowadays, in fact its practically a religion with a devoted following, which it is completely entitled to. And so the ever-famed California Roll has made it’s way down the west coastline, riding Nobu’s sesame encrusted coattails, right the way down to Briland’s merry shores. Da Vine is an island “high street” dining venue with the former head chef of Nobu Atlantis at the helm and the highest grades of whatever is running in his arsenal. Da Vine is the island's compact, buzzing harbourside culinary cottage well worth your greatest and most voracious appetite. The curious combinations of the freshest ingredients from on island and around the world are all the more enjoyable against a Briland sunset.

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Making for a strong start, there is no better island abode to begin with than ‘The Buena Vista’— Nassau’s optimal outpost. With varying influences playing a role, The Buena Vista hosts some iconically Bahamian architectural aesthetics well worth a ponder. This island contour first appears in the Colony’s records in 1788 and has since then, fallen through the hands of many and I’m certain would be good for a story or two. Housing an array of characters over the years, The Buena Vista welcomed with open arms, all that the trade winds swept in. From 18th century glamour to the blazing days of blockade running, this hilltop relic has been modernized but remains distinctively Bahamian. And folks, the glory days are far from over - The Buena Vista is one of the best preserved artifacts that our archipelago has to offer.

A sketch from then and now…

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INTRODUCING | Island Arch Notes

Welcome to ‘Island Arch Notes’, a series delving into the unique geography and history of this island nation which has shaped our distinctive architectural style. From Eleuthera to Crooked Island, our buildings are as colorful as they are rich in history. Although the notion of ‘island life’ is often equated with beaches, tropical drinks and thatched roofs, The Bahamas’ architectural style has been emulated, perfected and standardized throughout the West Indies. With varying influences playing a role, Bahamian architecture has many layers to it. Whether you’re scanning the horizon for an island venue or looking for your next vacation rental, here are some Bahamian architectural aesthetics to ponder in your summery daze.

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The Resto Manifesto | Island Brothers & Cie

We’ve canvassed our epicurean inner circle and devised a guide that will become your “last meal” lifeline to eating your way around this soulful archipelago. The first stop is one for haute cuisine like no other, the ever elegant, ‘Island Brother’s & Cie’. A new fine dining temple executed by Luke Ducasse celebrates the French Bistro under the precise hands of Chef Exécutif, Thomas Deoux. With Parisian beginnings under a distinguished chef who doubled as a father, Island Brothers was carved with fond memories of the beloved cobblestoned city paired with the first-of-its-kind top-tier gourmet in Nassau. The menu ambitiously coaxes refined French flavors whilst peppering dishes with island-fresh sensations. With one of the best atmospheres around, Island Brother's has always got crisp, vibrant salads, exceptional meats and well-prepared plats du jour on offer.

Well, when in France… Bon Appétit !

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