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Discover Cacique | SPIRIT OF JUNKANOO

Junkanoo. Say it. The word itself is an incantation. A musical abracadabra that will have you jumping to your feet and joining the Pied Pipers of Nassau Town in a frenzy of whistles, horns and cowbells,moving in unison with the tribe to the age-old heartbeat of drums and the joyous blasts of conch shells. The say that no man is an island, and nowhere is this more true than Junkanoo - the annual Bahamian parade in which the “Junkanooers,” dripping in colour and gyrating to their eclectic sounds, blend into one people, “rushing” with a burning connectedness. This is the “true true” spirit of Junkanoo. 

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Discover Cacique | HAYNES LIBRARY

The sun beats down overhead, and a welcome breeze rolls over the skinny island’s ridge, rustling the casuarinas and sweeping through the old bay windows of The Haynes Library, where musty novels and nautical maps now share the same space as computers and cafe lattes. Built in 1897, with glorious views of the azure harbour, this marvelously-maintained colonial relic is still open for business as a fully operational library and Internet cafe with many a tale to tell. Read on…

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