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In the spirit of casting a hopeful light during this trying Caribbean hurricane season, it seemed befitting to pen a piece about one of The Bahamas' most enduring colonial relics – Hog Island Lighthouse, which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. Built in 1816, this silent sentinel of the sea is the oldest and best known lighthouse in The Bahamas and the oldest surviving lighthouse in the West Indies.

Photo: David WJ Lee

Photo: David WJ Lee




In October, 1816 the Foundation Stone of The Hog Island (now Paradise Island) Lighthouse was laid and the building completed around one year later. Quarried from the island’s limestone rock, the tower was built along with the Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters, where it was manned until the 1960’s. To this day, the Paradise Island Lighthouse guards the western entrance to Nassau Harbour and is the first thing to greet the visitor arriving by sea. 



An iconic beacon for mariners for over two centuries, Hog Island Lighthouse has endured the ravages of Mother Nature - hurricanes, tempests, gales, surges, waves, and time. Sadly, this “gateway” Lighthouse, which celebrates its 200th year birthday on September 1st this year, has long fallen into disrepair, the lantern glass cracked and the sun-bleached façade crumbling.

But where there is light, there is hope – Hog Island Lighthouse's dim battery-powered beacon shines on to the tune of one white flash every 5 seconds (lighthouses have identifiable rhythms). And it is our hope that this ancient beacon will be preserved and continue to shine on for generations to come. 

Photo: David WJ Lee

Photo: David WJ Lee



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