Art is anything you can get away with.
— Andy Warhol

It's been nine months since our first Art In The Office post and since then, according to Andy Warhol, we have been getting away with a lot! For us at Cacique, work is art and art is work; no two events are painted with the same brush. Which is why we appreciate the scope and substance of such stellar Bahamian artists as those in our Artist In The Spotlight series, several of which, we have had the distinct pleasure of adding to our growing collection of "perfectly useless" (shout out to Oscar W.) office art.    


London-based Bahamian artist Lynn Parrotti's visceral oil paintings explore the intersection of the natural environment and the human experience. In this collection entitled "Slave House", Lynn explores the times of slavery through an underwater lens.



A painter and self-described feminist, Angelika Wallace-Whitfield is the former curator at the D’Aguilar Art Foundation and The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. She enjoys a double life as an artist and student, flip-flopping between her island home and the UK. In this Hollow Series, Angelika shows us the beauty in liberation and solitude. 



One of three ground-breaking Bahamian artists to be awarded the junior residency program at PopopStudios International Center of Visual Art  in Nassau, Bahamas,Navarro is a keen explorer of Bahamian cultural identity. This piece "Abstentia" was acquired from his first solo show "Metanoia,"signifying "the change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion" (Oxford Dictionary). The pattern of dots and lines are an abstraction of the classic, haunting image of how slaves were packed onto ships during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

"Abesntia" (2016) by Navarro Newton featured in the "Metanoia" exhibition.

"Abesntia" (2016) by Navarro Newton featured in the "Metanoia" exhibition.



Painter and transplant Thierry Lamare has called The Bahamas his home for almost thirty years. His striking realist portraits of Bahamians have been compared to American master Andrew Wyeth in the "terrifying quality" of realism and detail (Sir Christopher Ondaatje). We are thrilled to acquire charcoal studies of two significant artistic muses.   



At Cacique, we love to showcase our colourful Bahamian art scene and the characters that create its distinct flair. For more information on our featured artists, to arrange a Bahamian art or music experience, or to find out about curating a unique look and sound for your event, feel free to contact us

Looking forward to the next story! SS :)