shawn M. sawyer |President & Creative Director


Why did you start Cacique International?  After many years as a catering and convention services manager for a major hotel and casino property, I wanted to give MICE travelers the best experience The Bahamas had to offer and I knew I could make a difference. 

After 20 years in business, how do you stay inspired? Traveling to new places and experiencing art in any form and or fashion inspires me. I am an avid local art collector, especially from young Bahamian artists like Dee Dee Brown, Dylan Rapillard and Angelika Wallace-Whitfield.

What’s the essence of Cacique International’s soul? The heart and soul of Cacique International is our people. We love what we do! We go beyond a business connection and show our clients why The Bahamas is such a unique place. Our team creates amazing memories and it’s a truly beautiful experience.

Who is your favorite designer? I love the classic style and timeless elegance of Giorgio Armani. 

Tell us something we don’t know about you. I’m a huge foodie! I love Farm to Table food, clean West Coast fare, BBQ and the whole Food Truck movement. There’s something incredible about the soul and passion when a chef creates their best food without trappings of a fancy restaurant.